Expand Your Soundcloud Fanbase Smartly


SoundCloud for musicians

Soundcloud is an online platform for people to upload and promote music. It is a streaming platform for podcasts as well. SoundCloud is used by new and established musicians alike, making it a platform where music of all kinds is accessible. If you wish for the world to see your music works as a beginner artist, you can start a SoundCloud account. Upload your works on the page, out on the internet for people to access and listen to. As a musician, you can also follow and promote your fellow artists. It will be a form of barter collab or promotion between people. If you like what you hear, you can show your support and liking. The platform has options for people to share their music or the music of artists they love. The podcast option is also unique. If you had a dream of doing podcasts ever, now is the time. With the help of streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, you can give podcasts a try as well.

Free access to music

The app being free for its fans is a huge benefit. But for users who wish to get a subscription, such options are also available. Premium users do get special treatment in the form of advanced options. One such option is listening to music offline. With the app being available on android and iOS, both users are free to enjoy the benefit of SoundCloud.  As a listener, you can use the app by signing up through any of your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, etc.


Soundcloud for artists

For an artist, SoundCloud provides several features and tools. The tools can be used to create amazing works of art, portraying their musical talent. The app has strict plagiarism and copyright acts. So, you do not have to worry about people misusing their work or passing it as their own. Any such incidences will be treated seriously by the app. For things you can o on the app, you can refer to the user guide available. It has a collection of everything you can and cannot do using the platform.

A page with an incredible fanbase is usually recognized more by people who come across the page for the first time. More followers get you more recognition, so buy followers for your account.